Naked Beach

My blog to share my thoughts, experiences, photos, and stories of my visits to the beach and as a part-time nudist.

Was down at the beach again yesterday, and finally got to enjoy some sunshine. Once again the forecast was for sunny but when i got down there it was overcast again. Still at least it was warm.

The sun was trying to penetrate the clouds most of the day until finally around 4 o’clock the skies cleared and it was suddenly a beautiful sunny afternoon.

I spent most of the day waiting for the sun to appear, reading a book or strolling down the beach, but after the sun came out i took to the water. The water is cold this time of year and today was no exception but it still felt refreshing.

I had a great day enjoying the beach once the sun came out. Someone even recognized me from this blog.

Here’s hoping for even more sunny days in the future.

Finally some sunshine! About 30 min ago the clouds parted and now it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon.