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Anonymous asked: I am a married middle aged male and stay at home dad, I will take my son to the school bus stop wait for the bus and while waiting, all I can do is think about when I am alone is getting naked and watch tv, do some house work. I have been getting a little bit more daring each day steping outside into the backyard or stripping naked in the yard and walking around I enjoy how the sun feels on my body. I feel so relaxed when I am naked. Is there something wrong with me????

No there is nothing wrong with you.  Many people practice nudism at home.  Feeling the sun on your skin is a great feeling and perfectly natural, and yes its very relaxing. 

You may want to let your family know that you’re doing this and tell them why you enjoy nudism. There is nothing to be ashamed about in doing this but also no reason to keep it a secret, and it would be less awkward than if they came home early and discovered you nude in the back yard.  Who knows, you may find they do the same thing when you’re not at home.

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